Class Descriptions

On-site Yoga Classes

On-site yoga classes offered in offices, clinics, homes, and community spaces, are personalized to include movement, breath-work, meditation. Mats, props, music, essential oils and other accouterments are provided. Community classes, $10 per student per hour. Private group classes, $50 per hour. Cash or card payments accepted.

Private Classes

Private classes are available for students with specific interests or those who would benefit from one-on-one instruction. Mats and props are available. $50 per hour, cash or card payments accepted.

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga incorporates movement, breath-work, and meditation. Vinyasa yoga links movement with breath, a practice leading to a deep connection between mind and body. Traditional breath-work, or pranayama, further prepares one for silent meditation. Mats and props are available. Pricing varies by studio, please see links in the schedule.

(Yoga) Class for a Cause

(Yoga) Classes for a Cause welcome all community members to share a yoga practice while supporting a local non-profit. These classes are donation-based; cash or card donations are accepted and all donations benefit the chosen organization.

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery is a yoga class supportive of recovery from addiction, trauma, and mental illness. This class is designed to complement on-going treatment with physicians and mental health practitioners. Mats and props are available. $10 per student per hour, cash or card payments accepted.

Prenatal Yoga

Join a community of mothers to practice skills that support mindful, intentional, joyful, and resilient parenting.  The class incorporates movement, breath-work, meditation, and building relationships. Mats and props are available. $10 per student per hour, cash or card payments accepted.

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